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Every year we carry out numerous research and pharmaceutical innovation projects such as:



The company is registered with the Ministry of Scientific Research and currently collaborates with the Department of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Messina and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University. of the Catania studios.

With them every year we carry out numerous research and pharmaceutical innovation projects.

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The company manufactures unique, safe and reliable products, patented and with proven effectiveness. A Research and Development department, which makes use of the pharmaceutical expertise and specialization in various sectors of its professionals, to develop innovative formulas and subject them to clinical tests that evaluate their real effectiveness.


Quality control, advanced logistics, integrated management of operations, fully computerized system: the ambition to excel translates into an operational approach that guarantees efficiency and unsurpassed quality standards.

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"the highest quality in the market"


We are constantly working to increase the safety and effectiveness of our products. Our standards are high and since the beginning of our journey, we have opted to follow the GMP FDA guidelines. In order to guarantee our customers maximum safety and uniformity, with all production phases carried out following scrupulous internal procedures,  inside of

of suitable state-of-the-art laboratories.

The company system certification comes strictly

performed at every stage of production and in all processes

internal where required process certification (management

orders, warehouse, production, safety).



Periodic audits are also scheduled by

part of the certifying body. Before each batch is released,

our quality control laboratory conducts uniformity tests

and the conformity of the preparations, so as to verify the quality of the product itself.

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